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I would rather my mind be opened by curiosity than closed by conviction.



Who am I?

My name is Jordi Blanco Sanchez. I was born in Madrid 28 years ago. I believe that my parents gave me this name because it means farmer or someone who works with their hands. My mother was born in Avila . She comes from a long line of farmers. Their lives consisted of working the land. I think they expected me to live my life doing the same type of work. Despite these expectations, my plans in life are quite different.

When I was three months old, my family moved from Madrid to Valencia and from there we moved to Malaga . We lived in Malaga for 24 years and it is where I feel I belong. I have been living in Marbella for all my life: a cosmopolitan city where the main industry is turism. Marbella is a city with a diverse culture. Marbella has a great weather. Basically, 90% of the days are sunny. Awesome, right?

I remember my childhood vividly. I spent the summers in the street, playing with my friends and getting into mischief. I usually spent every summer on the beach basking in the sun with the sea close by. The sun plays a very important role in my life; I need to live where the sun. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I am in California .

I was remembering those times, I have a strong sense of the freedom that I felt. In those days, I felt able to do whatever I wanted to. This feeling is one I hope to always have in my life. I firmly believe that to be happy and fulfilled in life, you have to do something that makes you happy and fulfilled, something that is true to your nature. It is up to the individual how their time is spent, and it will be a happier time if they are truly doing what they want to do. All too often people go through their lives never determining for themselves what course of action it is that they what will take. It is essential to discover what your needs are, your desires and your goals are, and then find an acceptable way of attaining them. It is easy to forget what you truly want with the pressures and strains that life may bring. People often lose sight of themselves as life forces them into uncomfortable positions. Meeting expectations that do not match their true desires and hesitating to do what is natural can make you fall into performing routines of behavior that are uncharacteristic. You will end up living the life of someone else or living the life that others expect you to live like an actor afraid to get out of character. Pursuing a way of life untrue to my natural instincts would scare me.


When I finished my Masters of Psychology, I decided to spend a sabbatical year traveling. I went to Israel to stay on kibbutz. I spent three months there. Then, I went to Egypt and from there to Greece , Italy , and Germany . It was an amazing experience. The best thing was that it had been something I had always wanted to do and I did it. I discovered many facets of my character that I did not know existed in me. I was proud that I did this trip by myself. Now it is time to do something better.

The word friendship means a lot to me. We have an expression in Spain , roughly translated it says that you can only know what is in your own hand. To be a friend you have to be as close as a fist is. You can only have so many people that close. You have as many friends as you have fingers in one hand.

My friends and I grew up together, so my relationships with them are a good ones. The ords I would use to describe our relationships would be loyalty and reliable. I do not see them as often as I would like but I know that if I need somebody to be there for me at anytime they will be there for me. It is easy to be natural with my friends, I am comfortable with them and they help me deal with my problems; I feel like I am talking with another part of myself.

One of the biggest challenges in my life is meeting with people. I feel myself becoming uch more of a person through interacting with others and I cannot imagine my life in a job ithout this interaction. That is why I am working as a psychotherapist.

I also like to keep myself active and fit. I have practiced several sports over the course of my life. Currently, I swim and cycle as much as possible. When I am swimming, I am aware only of myself, as nobody else is there to distract me. These moments are important and allow me learn how to become comfortable with myself and deal with my problems. Another aspect that I like about sports is that you are testing yourself and challenging yourself to improve. As in life you learn from your mistakes, what holds you back, and you set long or short term goals of success and failure.

I set myself new goals. I have been in Santa Cruz for a year and half and already it has been a learning experience. There are new obstacles that challenge me and make me learn more about the world and myself. Here, there are new customs to learn, sights to see and opportunities for me. Living here will help me grow as an individual, give me new fulfillment and self-awareness. I believe I will be happy here. Who knows what the future will bring, but I will accept its challenges and make this time in my life a useful one.

The other sport that I enjoy is cyclotourism. It involves you traveling with your bike. The most beautiful thing about this sport is that you are in a full contact with the environment. The best feeling is when you set up tent in the midst of nature. Nature amazes me and I feel the wonder of the world, my place in it and get a sense of freedom. I go on roads through forests, over hills and I stop or carry on as I please. Cycling is awesome!!


Thanks for everything